UPDATE ABOUT MAPS: In 2015 Google cancelled support for loading kml files into Google Maps from the web.

All of the data files are still available, but you will have to use an application that can open a KML/KMZ file. Google Earth for instance.

Alternatively you can click here to see the full map of RTE destinations using a published Google Map,

or here: rte.kmz) to access the KMZ file containing all of the reviews.


US RideToEat.com map Alabama Alaska Alberta Arizona Arkansas British Columbia California Colorado Connecticut Connecticut Deleware Deleware District Of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Manitoba Maryland Maryland Massachusetts Massachusetts Mexico Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Brunswick New Hampshire New Hampshire New Jersey New Jersey New Mexico New York Newfoundland/Labrador North Carolina North Dakota Nova Scotia Ohio Oklahoma Ontario Oregon Pennsylvania Prince Edward Island Quebec Rhode Island Rhode Island Saskatchewan South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Yukon Territories
In the table below, click to open the kml file directly (or right-click to download).
United States
 Alaska (2)  Alabama (26)  Arkansas (25)  Arizona (16)  California (122)  Colorado (33)
 Connecticut (16)  District Of Columbia(0)  Deleware (5)  Florida (101)  Georgia (42)  Hawaii (1)
 Idaho (11)  Illinois (32)  Iowa (10)  Indiana (28)  Kansas (12)  Kentucky (11)
 Louisiana (18)  Maine (13)  Maryland (19)  Massachusetts (13)  Michigan (22)  Minnesota (12)
 Missouri (38)  Mississippi (20)  Montana (5)  North Carolina (45)  North Dakota (1)  Nebraska (8)
 Nevada (8)  New Hampshire (9)  New Jersey (8)  New Mexico (11)  New York (18)  Ohio (35)
 Oklahoma (12)  Oregon (29)  Pennsylvania (38)  Rhode Island (5)  South Carolina (16)  South Dakota (6)
 Tennessee (39)  Texas (76)  Utah (24)  Virginia (27)  Vermont (5)  Washington (31)
 Wisconsin (17)  West Virginia(7)  Wyoming(4)  Guam(0)  Puerto Rico(0)  US Virgin Islands(0)
 Alberta(0)  British Columbia (11)  Manitoba(0)  New Brunswick (1)  Newfoundland/Labrador (1)  Northwest Territories(0)
 Nova Scotia(0)  Nunavut(0)  Ontario (10)  Prince Edward Island(0)  Quebec (1)  Yukon Territories(0)
And beyond...
 Denmark (1)  Great Britain (1)  Mexico (5)  Morocco (1)    
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"Roads exist for me . . . mainly to furnish reasonably direct connections between cafes and chili parlors, taco wagons and beaneries, eat shacks and confectioneries, burger joints and frozen-custard stands, barbecue sheds and fish camps. In other words, roads are there to tie one reason for living to another."
-- William Least Heat Moon   
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"We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink..."
-- Epicurus  

"One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating."
-- Luciano Pavarotti  
"Enjoy every sandwich"
-- Warren Zevon  

"You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars."
-- Charles Kuralt  

"A chef who thinks of calories is like a hooker who looks at her watch."
-- James Beard  

"I need a pig here."
-- The Red Queen  

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  1. Donna Pirtle says:

    Hi , our Hog chapter has designated a ride June 11 th to my Husband. This will be his first Road Captain / leader ride. He wants to do an ice cream road trip to a fun
    destination in AZ. We will be leaving from Cave Creek ,Az. Any suggestions? thank you!

  2. Bryan says:

    I like your website and use it for trips. When I click on the maps, google doesn’t understand the maps anymore?


  3. Cliff says:

    Steve, I can’t get past this page. The map page that is. I’d like to see the state page for locations.
    Thanks, Cliff

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